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The Horse and Hound Inn, Tavern, and Restaurant and Two Sisters Garden and Landscaping collaborated on a wonderful dream in the autumn of 2012. The idea was to have a simple, productive, and decorative garden from which to produce culinary herbs and vegetables for the Inn. The end result is the kitchen garden you see before you. Let us take you through the steps of what goes on in the kitchen garden and what makes it so productive.
Excellent Soil & Organic Fertilizer
When putting in the raised beds we used excellent base soil with a little more clay content than sand so it holds more moisture than a sandy soil. This keeps the beds from draining too quickly. We also use all organic fertilizer that has specific plant nutrients and trace elements derived from treated animal manures, natural rock minerals, and seaweed. To maintain a healthy, living soil, we add organic cultured compost to the beds as well (adding lots of earthworms).
Vertical Growth
The Kitchen Garden was designed and built with vertical growth in mind. Plants thrive when they have fresh water, fertile soil, sunlight, and air circulation. When using raised beds and trellises air circulation is paramount and this helps naturally keep away bacterial and fungal pests. It also makes soil efficiently absorb and drain water for optimum plant health. Production will be higher with healthy plants and simpler to plan with these box-style gardens.
Bed Rotations
With organic gardening (food production that does not use chemical pesticides) bed rotations are important. If one type of vegetable is replanted in the same soil plot for several years insect, fungal, or bacterial pests can establish in that soil plot and attack that plant year after year. Most pests are host-specific, or they target a particular plant or plant family. Therefore, vegetables are generally broken up into specific family groups and are planted in different beds each year for a minimum of 2-3 years to avoid pest problems. At the Horse and Hound's Kitchen Garden every row represents one major vegetable plant family. These rows will be rotated each year for optimum plant and garden soil health.
Local Food
Food grown locally is fresher when it gets to your plate! This freshness ensures higher quality and much better taste!
Thank you for visiting the Horse and Hound Kitchen Gardens and please enjoy your stay!
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